About Kemento

Kemento is a media company disrupting the way we store digital memories. We are a small team of engineering, design and business minded people located in the United Kingdom, with the aim to build something big...

...something that will change the way we store and view our memories forever. With simplicity in mind, we want to make it easy for everyone to upload their precious moments into the cloud and bring them back whenever they please. Never again lose those memorable moments because of a broken device.

Having the ability to look back at that wonderful moment 10, 15 or 20 years from now, and feel all the same emotions you did when it happened without fear of it being deleted or lost. To never worry about an embarrassing image of yourself on Facebook, your baby photo still being on your mobile phone after dropping it down the toilet or losing a video of your wedding on a broken hard drive.

We are Kemento; we store lifelong memories for future generations to enjoy.

The idea for Kemento came from our founder Chris. He spent many years capturing memories from his holidays, family events and lots of fun moments with friends but he found that all of his images and videos lost their place on various social media accounts.

Kemento is a place where he can keep everything more organized and accessible, and available for those that follow him.

Frequently asked questions

What is Kemento?

Kemento is a place to store all your memories, for yourself, your partner and your family. Store more than just an image or video, include when and where you were, who you were with and to much more so give your memories context for the future.

What does Kemento mean?

Kemento is a made-up word, a cross between key moments and mementos.

Why isn't Kemento free?

Put simply, Kemento is all about storing your personal (and private) data.

If we didn't charge, Kemento would be unsustainable in the long term or it would have to find alternative ways to fund the service. Most likely that would be similar to other social networks, through the use of targeted advertising, meaning your personal data will never be truly private.

Can I cancel easily?

Yes absolutely, and at any time but we really hope you don't.

It's a one click and one confirmation process, and you'll never be charged again.

You will still be able to use your account unrestricted for the duration of the period you've paid for.

Once the payment period has ceased, your data will be completely erased after 30 days have elapsed from the cancellation date.

What about refunds?

Since all our plans have no contract, you are free to leave whenever your choose.

Monthly subscriptions cannot be refunded if cancelled.
Yearly subscriptions with more than six months remaining may be entitled to a pro-rate redund. Please email support@kemento.com for more information.

Other social networks do this, don't they?

Yes... and no... but with an important difference.

Other networks can store your photos, videos, check-ins, relationships etc but they make no promise to keep this data, either safe or private. Equally, these services are about the ‘here and now' and not designed to look back on past events.

Additionally, if you're not paying to use a social network, then you aren't the customer, the advertisers are. And your data is helping shape the adverts that you are seeing.

Does Kemento have advertising?

No, no and no again. You will never see any advertising within Kemento, and no advertiser will ever see your data. Our dedication is to you, our paying customers.

In fact we pride ourselves on being as data-compliant as possible, not because we need to be, but because we want to be, for your peace of mind.

Where is my data stored?

Everything about Kemento is stored in the cloud and therefore, it's infinitely scalable, and Kemento has been built to scale and grow with our customer base.

We agonised over where in the world that cloud should be and with recent changes in European law through GDPR, we settled on data centres in London, with an additional data centre in New York as a fail-safe backup for all your memories.